AOA (Alive on Arrival) enjoys steady success in the due to top notch musicianship and audience enthusiasm. The personal and enigmatic quintet - vocals, guitar, sax, keyboards, bass, drums - exhibits and honest love of feel-good tunes. 



"AOA knows no generation gap. The performers work to integrate all the instruments. The unity is a tribute to great creative teamwork."


- Robert Jackson, The Rocky Mountain News



In addition to an extensive repertoire of original jazz compositions, they know hundreds of classic hits, standards, R&B, acid jazz, funk and pop tunes. AOA also has a huge catalog of original music. AOA presents innovative arrangements of hits that deserve continued recognition.


The sound of AOA is as unlimited as the experience of its players. The members of this band have a collective total of over 100 years of experience as professional musicians.


A style of live performance that is connected, inviting and personable bucks the trend of musicians who fail to recognize the audience. This band knows and enjoys the job of entertainment.

In this age of "cool detachment" and "cutting-edge boredom," AOA admits that they are guilty of being popular and upbeat. If joy is a crime, AOA is on a spree!


Upcoming Events

2057 Larimer St. 303-299-9555

Every Tuesday 9:30pm - 1:30am
B3 Jazz Project
Laura Newman, Vlad Girshevich and Mark Emmons

Every Thursday 9:30pm - 1:30am
Dave Randon Trio with Special Guests

Tennyson's Tap
4335 West 38th Ave 303-455-4269

Every Wednesday 8:30pm - 12:00am
Laura Newman & Friends

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